The McLennan County Active Living & Healthy Eating Plan

The McLennan County Active Living & Healthy Eating Plan

The plan is being funded through a grant by the Texas Healthy Communities Program at the Texas Department of State Health Services, with the goal to design and implement changes in the community and adopt priority public health practices to reduce risk factors for chronic diseases.

The plan has been framed according to the recommended interventions of the National Active Living Plan and focuses on the sectors that promote community participation in physical activity along with encouragement of healthier nutritional options.

This McLennan County Active Living & Healthy Eating Planprioritizes strategies that have been developed by community partners. It is designed to benefit local institutions and organizations from all sectors of McLennan County in developing and promoting policies, programs, as well as creating systems and environmental changes that support active living. The vision is to use this plan to guide decisions about policy, resource allocation, program development, and advocacy.

This document provides recommendations that will enable the community entities of McLennan County to adopt and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

The recommendations in the plan are presented by the following societal sectors: Business and Industry; Education, After School, and Early Childhood Programs; Healthcare; Mass Media; Parks and Recreations, Fitness, and Sports; Public Health; Transportation, Land Use, and Community Design; Volunteer and Non-Profit.

Each sector offers goals aimed at promoting and offering opportunities for improved quality of life. These sectors provide a framework in which organizations, agencies, and individuals can use to reach the goals.

The McLennan County Active Living & Healthy Eating Plan is targeted toward the McLennan County community as a whole in order to create the healthiest county in Texas where all people can live, play, work, and thrive.

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