Play Well

The Play Well Group is dedicated to improving the quality of life of McLennan County residents by encouraging physical activity through recreation, exercise, and sports.

Physical Activity 

Physical activity may improve your health in more ways than you may imagine.  Individuals who are physically active may lower their risks for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, depression, and some forms of cancer.  

Regular physical activity may also help to control your weight, strengthen your bones and muscles, improve your mood and mental health, and increase your chances of living longer.

Get Moving!

For some people, physical activity may be hard to come by because of various barriers.  It’s important to keep in mind that being active doesn’t mean you have to establish a gym membership. There are many resources within our community that increase access to physical activity.

Communities deserve safe places to play and be physically active. By working together and forming joint solutions, physical activity, parks and recreation, transportation, business, and education advocates can transform neighborhoods and improve physical activity environments for children and adults.  

QR Fitness Trail System

The Waco-McLennan County Public Health District and Live Well Waco has partnered with the City of Waco Parks and Recreation Department to isntall a QR F.I.T Trail System, which is currently ready for use in 11 neighborhood parks in Waco! The FREE system allows locals to visit a neighborhood park, locate the QR Fit signage, use their smartphone to scan the QR Code, and then be guided through a series of exercise videos tailored to meet selected fitness goals. Options are available for those beginning their fitness journey to the advanced fitness fanatic. Workout your upper body, lower body, core, and improve flexibility all while at the park!! Best of all it’s FREE to use!

Find the QR Fitness System At:

Alta Vista Park

Bells Hill Park

Bledsoe-Miller Park

Brazos Park East

Brooklyn Park

Council Acres Park

East Waco Park

Gurley Park

Kendrick Park

Oakwood Park

Oscar DuConge Park