Live Well Waco officially adopted by Prosper Waco!

Live Well Waco officially adopted by Prosper Waco!

Live Well Waco has officially been adopted by the Health arm of Prosper Waco and is working to decrease the percentage of Waco-area adults and children considered overweight or obese by 5% by 2020.

Prosper Waco is an innovative approach to community work that consolidates and builds upon the efforts of existing nonprofits and community leaders to measurably improve the lives of the people of the Greater Waco community.

This collective impact model brings together key leaders and organizations in the areas of education, health and financial security to comprehensively (1) identify and quantify challenges facing our community, (2) articulate a shared vision, (3) establish measurable goals, (4) facilitate implementation of strategies to address each challenge, (5) monitor progress against each goal, (6) share data and resourcesnecessary to accomplish our collective goals, and (7) engage a broad spectrum of community partners, including recipients of services, in the design of its work.

By encouraging collective impact strategies among leaders in city and county government, businesses, non-profits, healthcare, education, social services, foundations, and churches, Prosper Waco intends to build on and steadily increase the effectiveness of current efforts that address community challenges.

The strategy is to raise awareness among all members of the community, focus alignment of mutually reinforcing activities for more effective outcomes, and increase levels of engagement of individuals and organizations to bring aboutmeasurable and sustainable change in citizens’ health, education and financial security.