Eat Well

The Eat Well Group is dedicated to improving the quality of life of McLennan County residents by providing accurate information about food, nutrition, and diets.

Are you eating nutritious foods?

What are the basic food groups?

There are five groups consisting of vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy and a protein group which includes meat, poultry, fish and nuts.

How much of each food group should I eat?

The amount of food you need to eat from each group depends on your age, sex, and level of physical activity. For information about the food groups and the recommended daily amounts visit MyPlate.gov Daily Food Plans  

Food Plans

A healthy eating plan will show you how much you need from each food group to stay within your calorie needs and promote good health. A healthy eating plan can also help you learn—

  • How many calories you need each day and how to balance your calorie needs.

  • How much of each food group you should consume.

  • How to make healthy choices in each food group.

For more information about food plans visit: Food Plans at MyPlate.gov