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American Heart Association's workplace wellness program recommendations

According to the AHA, a comprehensive wellness program is crucial to improving the health of those in the American workplace. A comprehensive program would include health education, workout areas, a supportive environment, health & safety programs, and wellness screenings. Also, there MUST be collaboration among departments and programs within a company. These are important steps that must be taken to stop the chronic disease epidemic in our nation. Let's make it happen!

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How Employers can Improve Value and Quality in Health Care

The mission of the Robert Wood Johsnon Foundation is to improve the health and health care of all Americans. Check out how employers can improve the health of their employees below.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


Easy Ways to Move More at Work

Making little changes throughout your workday can impact the number on the scale—and more importantly, your overall health—in a big way.

Rehab your nine-to-five habits to stay healthy!


Sitting Pretty

Did you know that the correct desk setup can take the pain out of your workday? Check out this infographic of the right way to sit at your desk.

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