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The Work Well group is dedicated to improving the quality of life of residents by assisting employers with providing wellness opportunities for their employees.

What is Worksite Wellness?

According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, the workplace and the health of the workers within it are inextricably linked. Ideally, workplaces should not only protect the safety and wellbeing of employees but also provide them opportunities for better long-term health and enhanced quality of life. Effective worksite programs, policies, and environments which are health-focused and worker-centered have the potential to significantly benefit employers, employees, their families, and communities. Check out the links for more information on how to create a healthier work environment.

Stop what you're doing and take a break!

The human body is always active while performing tasks at work. Even while seated, postural muscles are exerting tension to hold the mass of our upper body and head upright. Prolonged exertion can fatigue the muscles, which may lead to injury.
Improper workstation setup, along with certain processes, force people to maintain awkward postures and/or be exposed to compressive forces for long periods of time. Awkward postures and compression can impede the flow of blood, impinge nerves, and injure soft tissue.

So, push back your computer chair, and join Leslie Sansone in some desk side fitness. Leslie takes you through a quick 2 minute mini-walk as a booster for your day. Click on the picture to get started!

Exercises and stretches can help decrease exposure to the risk of developing an ergonomic injury. Physical fitness is an important aspect in overall health, so exercise should be integrated into your workday and daily life. For more basic workstation exercises and stretches click here.
Where are you on the steps to a healthy life?