Why we're applauding San Francisco for putting health first

Why we're applauding San Francisco for putting health first

San Francisco has the right idea. This week the San Fran Board of Supervisors decided UNANIMOUSLY to require warning labels on soda advertisements, ban soda ads on city property, and prohibit the city from spending any money on soda. We're LOVING it. The city has decided to make milk and water the 'default beverage option for kids' meals'. 

We applaud you San Francisco. This is such a wonderful step in the best direction for the health of the people.

The Prevention Institute even said, "It takes leadership and bravery to oppose the beverage industry, and it’s critical to do so because it saves lives as well as much-needed healthcare resources." Hopefully this type of action will bring attention to the great need of more policies like this across the country to make our people healthier.

Juliet Sims, MPH, from the Prevention Institute said, "As a registered dietitian and public health advocate, I know quite well the toll that sugar-sweetened beverages have taken, driving an epidemic of diabetes and chronic disease, soaring health care costs, and suffering.”

Check out more information on the Prevention Institute and the great work they do.

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