Has poor dietary advice led to our Diabetes epidemic?

Has poor dietary advice led to our Diabetes epidemic?

So many people have been told to cut fat from their diets, to reduce the saturated fats down to almost nothing. That may be a health conscience decision, but when the food manufacturers started removing the fat from our food as a result of people wanting to cut down on their fat intake, the yummy taste went out with the fat.

The quick fix: Adding sugar. And LOTS of it.    [Enter high fructose corn syrup.]

With huge increases in prolonged sugar intake our bodies just can’t handle it metabolically. And so many different kinds of sugars are used in our processed foods to get that sweet flavor we crave. One type of sugar, for example, is fructose which, when the body has an excess amount, turns to fat and is stored. Not exactly desirable! When the body stores fat it stores it even where we may not see it, like the liver. When the liver is fatty it is unable to deal with the hormone insulin. Unfortunate things begin to happen when the liver is resistant to insulin—Type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart attack, obesity, high blood pressure. So, “fat is the problem. But it's not the fat you eat that's the problem. It's the fat that your liver makes when overwhelmed with a huge sugar load!

This is why comprehensive health education is required. We need to know how our bodies work so we can fuel them properly and live the healthiest longest lives possible. Check out why it’s now “time to change our course”.

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